The Spiritual Path To Good Enough: Sermon October 26th at High Street Unitarian Universalist Church

Please Consider Joining Me on Sunday October 26th, 2014 @ 11:00am

in Macon, Ga at High Street Unitarian Universalist Church


The Following is My Sermon Blurb to encourage your presence: 


I invite you to consider taking a long deep breath and ask yourself this simple question, ‘Do I see myself as good-enough?’ I believe answering this seemingly simple question begins with listening to that small inner voice from within and can lead us along an eternal spiritual quest.

We shall examine together the path of whole hearted living through the work of Brené Brown. With more than thirteen years of research under her belt, she answers what I consider our #1 life struggle- our never seeing ourselves as GOOD-ENOUGH. This process begins by letting go of the emotional armor of perfectionism and pretension and leads down the path to vulnerability. Vulnerability is the vehicle to connect ourselves to a life of authenticity.


P.S. Wear Your Dancin’ Shoes