My Messy, Beautiful Life- Me And My Masscott

Phoenix Rising 2015 Coming Your Way….Here’s To Showing Up and Allowing Yourselves to Be Seen, especially with our beautiful children ❤

Transformative Trauma


I understand there are some things we want to protect our children from for as long as we can. But for me, my daughter does not get to know who I am without knowing my story. If I practice authenticity, even though sometimes with haphazard grace, the most important person I can practice with – is my daughter Lyra. I am an adult trauma survivor. I was sexually abused for many years as a child, some occurred while I was eight, the same age as my beloved Lyra is now. I have written about this part of me for many years now. How could I share it with the world and not her?

We began talking about this as early as three years old. Understanding what I do, both personally and professionally as a marriage and family therapist, it is never too young to start “The Talk.” I am imagining…

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You May Wonder Why? Phoenix Rising

Transformative Trauma


You May Wonder Why?

It would be inhuman of you to not ask the question at times, Why? Why, Alicia, are you doing this? Why put yourself out there in such a vulnerable way– use your life and family in such a public way to talk about the taboo of sexual trauma? Again, I would expect you, from time to time, to wonder…..Why?

And all I can answer to myself when I ask this very question is because I must. I cannot say that is rational nor wise. There are times when I am stung by my choices and I desperately want to gobble them all back. Then I return to my fundamental reasons. If I am ever to make meaning of the sexual horror I have endured, I MUST be a vehicle for change in my community. I have to cut a little slice out of shame and douse…

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