2nd Annual Phoenix Rising 5k-Pics of the Day!

2nd Annual Phoenix Rising 5k-Pics of the Day!

Today, I am in awe…I am toggling between Waves of ‘Oh Holy Shit! and overwhelming Gratitude. Do you SEE what WE DID? Do you know what happened to us? Look at these photos….Aside from a few weird faces I am making, people are smiling- GLOWING even.


The one thing I did not begin to fathom when we began this journey was how utterly magical it would be. My family traveled from other states, many survivors ran, volunteered and supported. My friends SHOWED UP. and I mean REALLY Showed UP. You poured your heart into this and we have collectively given birth to something beautiful. 

You have all showed me the power of what a small handful of people can do.  Change OUR world….One Beautiful Tutu at a Time. 


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I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years in practice. I am in love with people and our peculiarities.

3 thoughts on “2nd Annual Phoenix Rising 5k-Pics of the Day!”

  1. Congratulations, dear one. Looks as though this thing is growing. Be proud of your effort as we are proud of you. Love, Roby

  2. You have no idea the the affect on me….. tons of memories, what a group of folks! Can’t thank you enough and thanks to my friend Nicki.

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