Love is Not Smothering…with a Pillow

I believe LoVe really is much like this……

The Green Study

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????People like to write a lot about love and romance. Not I. One of my goals as a writer over the next year is to write outside my comfort zone, no matter how awkward or sappy or…no, just awkward.

No one has ever accused me of being overly romantic or sentimental. And frankly, you just don’t know, when push comes to shove, if you will make it through the endless night of the man cold without rolling over and gently, but firmly pressing your memory foam pillow to his face, until the tuberculosis-like hacking and wheezing of snot becomes a blanket of comforting warm silence. You just never know.

I’ve spent most of my life getting this love thing wrong. I’m an impatient person, so I rarely waited to be asked out on a date. As soon as I spotted the most unlikely suspect for a love match, I was…

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I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years in practice. I am in love with people and our peculiarities.

One thought on “Love is Not Smothering…with a Pillow”

  1. This has to be the most romantic thing I have read in a long time that was not mush. It is real, the way I imagine love to really exist. The way I hope my relationship with my future spouse will be. I have had the super passionate crazy drama kind, and what I really want is to find someone who will let me be me and I can let them be them. Thanks for the inspiration.

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