Stress: Part 2B: Cultivating Self-Compassion

I love the work we are doing in our practice together…take a peak at a different perspective of our nerdy passion with living a life cultivating the practice of being Awake-Alive to this one life of ours.
Such Gratitude to you Shaun…..


Giving yourself permission to be human

My mentor Alicia Gregory, and I share a sort of nerdy obsession with good research on what I’ve taken to calling “the good life.” Lately I’m really loving what I’m learning about Self-Compassion. I commend Christopher Germer’s website and free guided meditation downloads. Since I started this post, I’ve gotten halfway through Kristen Neff’s book Self Compassion, which I have enjoyed too. If you’re looking for a “self-help” kind of book that introduces the concept, some of the background, and the research, this is a good place to start. Self-Compassion can begin with a startling realization: most of us talk to ourselves in ways we would never talk to another human being (or even the dog).

“Suck it up!” “You are stupid to feel this way!” “Stop feeling sorry for yourself and just have another drink!” “Who do you think you are to think you…

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I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years in practice. I am in love with people and our peculiarities.

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