One thought on “Shoes of The Week: September 16, 2013”

  1. Hi, Alicia! This is Sandra. Just want you to know that I love your blog and have signed up to become a follower. I am especially intrigued with the blog about imagining being in a room with all your present and former clients and about all the stories in your head which you cannot tell. Don’t forget that you could become a “fiction” writer and tell those stories! I also love the added interest about the shoes. It reminds me of that TV show in which the law office is in a shoe store…can’t remember the name. I’ve been struggling with writer’s block….seriously struggling and with the accompanying depression….You have changed my writer’s block to writer’s blog and gotten me interested in starting one of my own. So…you were the answer to something I needed. Isn’t it interesting how the paths in this life all interconnect!

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